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(Pocket-lint) - Targus hope to make the slow and painful typing on the handspring a thing of the past with their Stowaway Portable Keyboard for the Handspring Visor.

In the past, people choosing handhelds have always had the dilemma of size over input capability. If you go for size, then you will not have a keyboard to input your data, if you go for input via a keyboard in the past this has meant you are left with choosing something from the Psion range which gives you the ability to input data at lighting speed, but you will have to put up with a slightly bigger device. Luckily for the people with a Handspring who originally chose size, Targus has created a full sized Stowaway Portable KeyBoard for the Handspring.

Based on a full size keyboard with addition shortcut keys, the device neatly folds into four sections into its own protective case the size of the Handspring Visor. This as you can imagine makes it perfect for storage and travel. What's more, because the keyboard has a docking station build in, there are is no need for any cables to connect the two. Installation is simple and straightforward and you'll have to add a small driver to the palm device (must have palm 3.01 or above) before you can get time.


In reality, what this means is that combined with a Handspring modem, the need for the laptop on business trips is almost removed. For anyone imputing data, sending emails (via the modem, sold separately) or merely writing notes, this turns the Handspring into invaluable commodity and something that can easily be hidden in your pocket to impress your friends or colleagues at a moments notice

Writing by Stuart Miles.