Apart from the new hybrid smartwatch for women, Martian Watch is at CES 2016 in Las Vegas unveiling its mVoice collection of men's watches.

The watches featured an “always-on” analog design and of course smart features. But the stand-out thing about this watch is its directional speaker and noise-canceling microphone. This combo allows you to pilfer voice command functions from your smartphone and receive spoken responses. You can place calls, send voice-to-text SMS and email messages, search the web, request music, and more.

But that's not all: During our demo of the watch, Martian showed us how it used Homekit with the Elgato app to issue voice commands through its watch that immediately unlocked a door lock, lifted a blind, and turned on the heat via a thermometer. These smart devices worked with Elgato and were able to recognise a specific scene set through HomeKit. It's all pretty complicated for most users, but at least you know the option exists.


We were also shown how you can speak into the mVoice watch to open an app on your phone. That's basic stuff - though we can imagine using that functionality quite often. Apart from the voice stuff, Martian's new mVoice watch includes three series: AE, PT, and PL. The AE has an "active lifestyle design", while the PT and PL have a "distinctive style", according to Martian.

All the watches feature a round watch face and interchangeable Italian leather, silicon or resign straps with stainless steel clasps. They also pack Bluetooth 4.0, analog quartz watch with Miyota movement, water resistance, 96x16-pixel graphic OLED display, 3-axis accelerometer , and dual batteries (one that powers smart features for 5 days, and an analog that lasts up to two years).

The mVoice, similar to Martian's new Kindred vip watch for women, can also be customised to receive distinct vibration alerts. If any of that interests you, the mVoice collection launches this summer with a starting price of $295.