(Pocket-lint) - Apple launched its next-generation of iPhone back in September and before it had even hit the shelves, it was greeted with hundreds of cases, covers and pouches offering their protection.

We have rounded up a few in our best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases feature, which we update regularly when a new one catches our eye, but we have also been trying a couple of them out to see how they hold up in the real world and first up is the Nodus Access Case.

Nodus describes its Access Case as "beautifully simple and genuinely useful" and it comes with the tagline "the world's most stylish and versatile cases for iPhone and iPad", so we have been living with it for a while to see how it lives up to its bold claims.


The Access Case is available in a portfolio style and flip down style for the iPhone 6, along with a couple of other devices and its exterior features Italian leather, while the interior has a micro fibre lining along with a little surprise.

Many portfolio cases or flip down cases have some sort of plastic snap case within them to hold the device in place, normally adding bulk and weight to whichever handset you are protecting. The Nodus Access Case is different though and while it still protects the front and rear of the device by enclosing it like a book in its leather surround, it features what the company calls Micro-Suction to secure the device.


We had the portfolio version of the Access Case and the left hand side features a leather sleeve around 40mm wide that matches the exterior of the case and allows you to tuck away any cards or small bits of paper you might have. On top of the leather sleeve is the first Micro-Suction area measuring around 10mm by 30m and at the bottom of the sleeve sits the Nodus logo.

On the right hand side of the portfolio Access Case, sitting on top of the soft micro fibre lining is the other Micro-Suction area, which is also around 30mm wide but it's quite a bit larger at 115mm tall. It is this area alone that secures the phone in place, while the smaller Micro-Suction area keeps the case closed.


We have to admit, we weren't convinced about allowing the Micro-Suction panels to look after our device to begin with but after using it for a couple of days, we realised how secure it seemed to be. The Micro-Suction areas are slightly sticky to the touch but surprisingly, when we peeled the device off, there was no residue on the rear at all. 

To get it to work, you have to line up your phone with the subtle stitching around the rim of the case, which is easiest to do if you line up the camera lens and the camera cut out on the case. You then press down on your device and close the Access Case, pressing the entire device firmly when closed. When you open it again, you should find that you can hold and shake the case when it is open, without holding your phone and it should stay in place.


We had no problems with our iPhone coming unstuck or falling out during our time with it, but we did feel cautious with it. The design is clever and "beautifully simple and genuinely useful" are fair descriptions, but we aren't convinced we would trust it wholeheartedly.

The Access Case itself is very well made however, with the leather finish offering a very premium look. We thought the leather was a little shiny and would preferred a slightly more matte coating but it's a good looking case that oozes quality. The micro fibre lining was lovely and soft and while it picked up a lot of fluff, the black and tan really complemented each other well when the case was open. There is also a black colour option if you prefer a more subtle appearance though.


When it comes to the Micro-Suction technology, it certainly helps make sure too much bulk isn't added despite it being a wallet case and it helps keep the weight down too, but it did have a slightly odd smell to it that we weren't sure about.

Overall we liked the Nodus Access Case. It is clever, looks good and it does its job as a protective case well. World's most stylish and versatile case for iPhone and iPad probably wouldn't be the first words we would use to describe the Access Case though, as it's not as versatile as other cases that give you alternative viewing positions for example. That said, we wouldn't argue with the fact that it is stylish, and beautifully simple and genuinely useful is certainly a statement we would agree with.

The Nodus Access Case is available to pre-order for the iPhone 6 now from the Nodus website. It is currently £39.99, but the price will increase to £59.99 at the end of October so if you want one, it's best to get your order in before Halloween.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.