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(Pocket-lint) - The Tonino Lamborghini Antares smartphone is now available to buy in the UK, exclusively from Selfridges and Carphone Warehouse. It's a snip at £2,500, marking this out as a plaything for the super-rich, rather than a device that will sit atop the list for your next smartphone. 

Like many luxury smartphones, this is about design first. In that regard, the Tonino Lamborghini won't compete with the LG G3 or SGS5 on the spec sheet, but it's certainly distinctive when it comes to design. 

Forged from stainless steel, there's a hefty weight to the Antares. Weighing 170g it's a substantial device, especially considering it only carries a 4-inch display.

It certainly feels like good quality in the hand. It's solid and well put together, which you'd expect for the price.

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Some might see the gold as a little garish, but we're actually quite taken with it: the fusion of metal and leather, adorned with the raging bull logo, feels like it brings the flamboyance that this phone needs. The black and silver versions are a little more subdued, but we like the option to have red leather in the rear. 

Admittedly, by modern standards, the display feels small. The Android 4.2 Jelly Bean interface is a little old too, but we suspect that those power players who have the spare cash to buy the Antares won't be power users. They could always opt for the equally expensive Goldgenie version of the HTC One M8

The 960 x 540 pixel resolution display, 275ppi, is the weak spot on the spec sheet, as we're sure an HD display 4.5 inches could have been accommodated within the frame.

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That means that visually, this device doesn't have the display panache that you'll find on many other mid-range or flagship handsets.

The launcher has been customised by Tonino Lamborghini, offering custom icons for common apps. However, as an Android device, much of the phone is as you'd expect and you'll be able to download and install apps from Google Play at your whim.

There's a typical 16GB of internal storage, but as a bonus, there's a 32GB microSD card included, so there's plenty of space for storing music and photos of your yacht. The back cover is removable, and it's quite the hunk of metal, so you can switch out the branded battery and access the SIM and microSD card slots.

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You might do rather well on the photo front too. There's Sony-made 13-megapixel camera on the rear and a 5-megapixel camera on the front so you'll be able to get some decent selfies out of it too.

Bringing a boost to the on-board sound, there's a Yamaha amplifier and speakers, although, like the cameras, we didn't get the sample the results in the short time we spent with the phone.

The Tonino Lamborghini Antares is a limited edition handset and each model carrying a unique serial number and is on sale from today for £2,500 at Carphone Warehouse in Selfridges.

Writing by Chris Hall.