(Pocket-lint) - There is no shortage of cases looking to protect your smartphone from damage and CAT are bringing their own flavour to things with the Active Urban case.

The Active Urban case is available for a variety of popular phones and tablets and we have dressed up the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 to see how it compares to others out there.


The Active Urban case is made from a material being called "SAIF". It claims shock absorbant and impact protection properties, which in our quick tests it seems to offer. It's a flexible rubber-like plastic and the phone pushes into the case and is then held securely in it.

There is additional protection on the corners with pronounced reinforcing in these areas, and the ribbed back provides some design interest and grip in your hands.

The sides have anodised aluminium strips screwed into place, completing that rugged look, but on both the SGS5 and iPhone models you still get access to all the buttons and ports.


This doesn't provide water-resistance, as on the iPhone model you still have the exposed Lightning port for example, however the SGS5 is already water-resistant, so the added protection will make this a more sturdy package overall.

The cases feel nice in the hands, although do add quite a bit of bulk. The CAT Urban Active isn't quite as extreme as the OtterBox cases we've see recently, but if you're after drop protection and something to save you from scratches, this will do the job.

The CAT Urban Active case is available for around £25.

Writing by Chris Hall.