(Pocket-lint) - The Samsung Galaxy S5 takes its built-in protection up a notch bringing IP67 certification to the flagship handset. But if you're looking to increase protection for your device further, probably to save it from drop damage or scuffs, then you might want to take a look at the OtterBox Commuter series case.

We've seen the OtterBox Commuter on a number of devices - most recently the HTC One (M8) - and here the two-part case offers the same sort of protection. Here there is space so that you can still get to the heart rate sensor on the rear.


There's a rubber inner that fits over the body of your smartphone. This provides shock protection in case you drop your phone, but it also puts a raised lip around the display so that if your phone is face down on a surface it won't touch it. 

Over the top of the rubber inner fits a rigid polycarbonate shell. This then provides futher impact protections as well as saving your SGS5 from scrapes. The neat thing about this approach is that the top cover really keeps the inner rubber layer in place. It's easy to fit the two parts on to your phone, although it does increase the size and the weight a fair amount.

There's an additional adhesive scratch protector for your display - which we chose not to use - and if you want something a little more exciting than the stealthy black combo on show here, you can choose from a number of colour options for a two-tone finish of your liking.


We like the Commuter series cases. They are chunky, but then in the few drop tests we've performed, we've experienced no damage on the phone. It might not be a case for every day use, but if you're going somewhere where your phone might get damaged, then it offers plenty of protection.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 OtterBox Commuter series case is £24.99 and is available now.

Writing by Chris Hall.