(Pocket-lint) - Looking to inject a little 80s fun into your life, Binatone has reimagined the Gordon Gecko classic in The Brick. It was announced earlier in the year, but we managed to catch up with it at a Carphone Warehouse showcase.

The Binatone Brick is a hybrid device. You can throw a SIM card into it and use it as your phone, with normally calling functions, or you can simply use it as Bluetooth handset connected to your regular smartphone.


That means you get the glory of using this piece of mobile phone wonderment while walking down the road or sitting at your desk, but you can always fish your Samsung Galaxy S4 out of your pocket when you want to do some serious 21st-century browsing.

You might think this is just a joke phone, but it does offer you Snake to play while you sit waiting for those all important calls. and there's one significant advantage in that this retro phone offers over the latest slim smartphone: you can wedge it against your shoulder a darn sight easier than you can the HTC One max.


The battery is said to offer 14 hours of talk time, or 1 month of standby, there's a mircoSD card slot with a music player on board and you can stream your music to it if you just want to bust out some Huey Lewis and the News.

The Brick offers 2G connectivity, but then there's no reason to want anything more than that.

The Brick will be available from Carphone Warehouse for £50 so you can feel the retro love too.

Writing by Chris Hall.