Case Station has launched a new personalised mobile phone case service, and we just couldn't resist trying it out.

The new service available in a range of retail stores - or online if you want to just do it from the comfort of your own home - is a simple to use web-based system that lets you pick a case, colour and design or photo before ordering it to be delivered to your home.

Pocket-lintcase station personalised case pictures and hands on image 5

The cases vary, depending on what you're after, but most of the latest phones including the Samsung Galaxy S4, SGS3, the Apple iPhone 5 and 4, and even the BlackBerry Z10 are covered. Sadly the HTC One and the Sony Xperia Z aren't supported yet.

Once you've uploaded your image, added some text, messed around with the colour and had fun, all that's left to do is press Add to Cart and it will be delivered to you.

Cases cost between £19.99 - £24.99 plus postage, although at the time of writing there is a free postage offer available.

Pocket-lintcase station personalised case pictures and hands on image 4

The end result? We are actually very impressed. Our iPhone 5 case came with a rubberised inner and a glossy outer shell giving it plenty of projection, and the print quality of the case is very good with our option of the Pocket-lint logo being reproduced crisply and cleanly.

If you are looking for protection and personalisation, this is a good place to start.