If you're looking to keep the slick aluminium body of your new HTC One protected, then Speck has some cases that might interest you. We've got our hands on the GemShell, the CandyShell and the CandyShell Grip.

All the cases offer the same push-in design where the HTC One pushes into the hard case, with a lip that runs around the edge of the display to keep it safe from dirt or scratches if you place it face down.

Up first is the GemShell. If you don't want to hide the design of the HTC One then this might be the case for you, because it's transparent. There's little to say about it, except that you have to make sure both your phone and the inside of the case are clean before you put it on, or you'll see all those annoying specs of dust.

We like the Speck logo - it looks like it's been etched into the back of the One, which obviously it hasn't.

Next up is the CandyShell. This offers a little more shock protection than the GemShell as the hard outer casing is lined with softer rubber. This case adds plenty of protection without being too chunky.

The only criticism we have of the CandyShell is that the cut-away to access the power/standby button makes it a little more tricky to hit the button and wake your phone up.

Finally we have the CandyShell Grip. As the name suggests, this is basically the same as the CandyShell, but has added rubber grips running down the back. If you're the sort of person who's always dropping their phone, then this might solve the problem.

Again, the CandyShell Grip has a soft rubber interior to provide extra protection underneath the hard exterior (and grippy) shell.

You can expect to pay £29 for the CandyShell and CandyShell Grip, and around £25 for the GemShell.

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