Why should Tony Stark have all the fun? He whizzes about in his high-tech armour, saving the world and everything, but why shouldn't you have a slice of the action?

Well, gadget specialist Brando offers one way you can at least dress something you own in Iron Man armour – as long as you own an iPhone 5, that is.

The Iron Man VII iPhone 5 case is modelled on Stark's armour from the second movie. It's chunky. Very. And has a couple of interesting features, bar being protective for your device.


Firstly, in the chest plate – which appears on the rear of the case – the circular light will actually glow whenever you use the LED flash, being connected reflectively to that specific area of the phone. It renders it useless as a flash, but looks cool.

The other part of the case that's effectively “interactive” is that you can lift the corner flap, where weapons would be stored on the suit, to reveal the camera lens.

That's essentially it in terms of features, but you don't really need bells and whistles to be noticed when you pull this bad boy out in the pub. It's heee-uge. And, we have to be honest, pretty plasticky.


So for these reasons, the Iron Man case won't be for everybody. Hardcore comic book fans will love it. They'll love waving it about in front of other comic book fans' grinning faces. Others, not so.

The Iron Man Mark VII iPhone 5 case is available from Brando for $49. You will be able to import it to the UK, but remember that you'll need to pay extra in shipping and possible customs fees.