Clumsy people take note: there is a new tough phone about to go on sale that should save you from the bane of the cracked screen and we've had a quick fumble with the tough phone at Mobile World Congress.

Designed to be tough, the Caterpillar Cat B15 comes with an IP67 rating and surprisingly compact design that ultimately replicates a standard Android phone but with one of those protective OtterBox cases on it all the time.

The IP67 rating means that it is waterproof and impervious to dust (within given parameters), can survive a drop on to concrete from 1.8 metres (that’s around head height for most men) and operate at temperatures down to -20C.

We weren't able to test any of those features on the show floor, but get the feeling that the Cat B15 is more than capable of standing up to a good knocking and puddle slashing. We like the use of metal and rubber that gives it a very tough feel.

That's handy because the phone also has a screen that can be used when wet - ideal if you drop it in a puddle or need to use it in your digger while it's raining.

Thanks to its protection, the Cat B15, isn’t a waif-like device, measuring 125 x 69.5 x 14.95mm and weighing 170g, and finished in anodised aluminium and rubber. Snapping your mates in hard-hats will be via the 5-megapixel camera.

Get past the rugged exterior though and it seems that you can't be tough and high-end. The phone offers a rather average Android Jelly Bean experience via a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and a 4-inch 800 x 400 display. This isn't a phone that has the superior prowess of the Xperia Z or the HTC One, for example.

The phone is built by Bullitt Mobile under licence from Caterpillar Inc, and will be available from March 2013, for £299 or €329. All things considered, if you work in the building trade and don't want the worry of replacing your phone every couple of weeks because you've broken it, this might just be one to think about getting.