You've got a new iPhone 5, but you just know that the environments you live in will mean your precious new phone will get scuffed quicker than if it was being used as a skateboard.

In steps the Otter Box Defender, a tough case that promises the upmost protection for your shiny new iPhone.

The Defender is the top-of-the-range Otter Box case in terms of protection and comes in a variety of colours. This isn't a leather pouch, or funky looking bumper case, but something that is primarily designed to stop your phone being harmed.

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To protect your iPhone you get a tough plastic inner case that snaps around the iPhone, locking it inside. The case itself comes with a clear plastic screen protector, a clear slot to show the iPhone 5 Apple logo, but no protection for the camera - you've got the sapphire glass for that, don't forget.

Once you've successfully got your iPhone 5 into the inner plastic case, you can then fit the rubber outer shell that will help protect the phone if it's dropped.

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The power and volume buttons are constantly covered, but there are pull-back rubber covers for the mute switch, headphones and Lightning connector sockets.

The covers do what they set out to do, though the mute switch is buried. If you like to play with it as a nervous twitch, forget it.

These covers do give you some degree of water protection, however don't presume that means your iPhone 5 is waterproof when it's in the Defender - it isn't.

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In a few very unscientific drops tests and throws around the office, the Defender appears to do what it sets out to do - protect your iPhone 5 - and while we don't presume it will make your iPhone 5 invincible, it is likely to go a long way in helping to protect your phone more than if it was unsheathed.

The catch? Well adding all that protection means that your incredibly thin iPhone 5 is no longer incredibly thin.

With the Defender case on and clipped into the accompanying belt holster - yes, really - the end result is a phone that is double the thickness, longer, and wider than the phone you started with. You can still put it in your pocket, but only just.

If you are in the building trade or live a really extreme life that means you are likely to smash your iPhone then this is probably for you. It's easy to fit, easy to remove (with a little effort) and looks to offer enough protection for most people - certainly us.

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If however life isn't that tough, you enjoy your soft moisturised hands, and know that your phone generally enjoys being in a lined pocket, then the Defender will be massive overkill. If you still want to go Otter Box we would recommend something from the Commuter series.