iPhone cases are two a penny these days, but its not very often that here at Pocket-lint we get sent an iPhone case that is made from precision machined aircraft-grade aluminium, or one that includes a CNC machined-aluminium speed wrench in the box to fit it.

Those are just two of the unique selling points listed on the box for the  £90 Element Case Vapor Pro Elite iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S case.

The case comes in a number of different colours to suit your style, and we've played and photographed the Black Gold model.

Pocket-lintelement case vapor pro elite iphone case pictures and hands on image 1

That version comes with a metal frame with a black leather backplate but the Nickel/Brown Elite, for example, comes with a wood finish (classier than it sounds) while the Vapor Pro Stealth 2 features a Carbon Fibre backplate  instead.

Once you've unscrewed the case and then applied it to your iPhone it's not coming off any time soon. The case does add some bulk to your Apple phone, more so than the standard Apple bumper, but it also gives it a rather tough man finish at the same time, one that will sit nicely against that fancy watch or yours.

Pocket-lintelement case vapor pro elite iphone case pictures and hands on image 7

We tested the Black Gold case on a white iPhone 4S, but we suspect it would look even better on the black model - there is a Frost/White Elite version for white iPhone users.

In the flesh and the leather backplate isn't as tacky as it sounds and certainly looks the part. Thankfully it features a reusable adhesive so can be whipped off, if you change your mind, without any damage.

In use and we noticed no adverse affect to the signal.