An iPhone accessory that enables you to capture both 360-degree stills and video before sharing them online will soon be available.

Pocket-lint saw the BubbleScope camera accessory in person at the Digital Summer event in London and - after years in the making - it's arrival in July was confirmed by BubblePix, the company behind the kit

We say years in the making, as way back in July 2011, BubbleScope creator Tom Lawton spoke in depth about the technology used in the accessory. Then it was simply a device that could capture 360-degree photographs, but Pocket-lint can now confirm that the gadget will also be capable of recording video too.

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The BubbleScope accessory is small enough to fit in your pocket and, rather than clip on to the case (included with the camera lens) that encompasses your iPhone, it screws on giving it a tighter grip – particularly useful should you be filming while in a moving vehicle, for example..

The lens itself rises out of the tube-like container before being stowed away once you’ve finished snapping, which should help avoid any accidental scratches to the lens while in your pocket or bag.

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The device can be turned to any position, which not only enables you to capture snaps at any angle, but also doubles as a useful desk stand.

Because of the poor lighting in the showroom, it was difficult to get a true feel for how well the BubbleScope captured imagery, but we were treated to a sample shot taken outside earlier which looked great, albeit a tad unusual.

To capture your 360-degree stills and video you only have to press the camera key once, but just be wary of how you’re holding the phone to avoid a sudden close-up of your face.

Once you’re happy with your snaps (or “Bubbles” as they’re known) you can share them online via (you need to download the free BubblePix app) to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram et al.

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Though the BubbleScope accessory will initially be compatible only with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, BubblePix says it is working on other leading smartphones and platforms.

The BubblePix app is available now free from the Apple App Store (it will be updated once the device lands) while BubbleScope itself will be available for £69.99 from the BubbleScope website as well as other major retailers from July.

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