(Pocket-lint) - As well as showing off its super-fast battery charging system, Japanese mobile carrier DoCoMo also used CEATEC 2011 as a launch pad for its range of three smartphone smart jackets.

And when we say smart, we really mean quirky. And when we say quirky, we actually mean pointless.

Maybe that's a bit harsh as we're sure there are plenty of people out there who are going to want to measure their body mass index and muscle ratio using a phone case, right?

This fitness option, which works via four electrodes on the sides combined with your personal data (age, sex, weight, height etc.) that you add before hand, also lets you store your and your friends and families' body statistics, and chart them against each other.

Like a game, but with much more hurtful outcomes.

There's also a safety model which measures radiation in the air, using semi-conductor sensors; which we'll concede actually does have a purpose, in Japan especially at the moment.

Finally is the ladies model. Yep, that's what it's called. This pink flavour measure UV rays in the air and also lets you map results so you know the safest place to get a tan. It also works as a breathalyser, measuring the alcohol units in your breath.

But we saved the best until last. It also smells your breath to let you know if you know if you're rocking a funky twang. This was the aspect that Pocket-lint had a go at – there was no way we were going anywhere near the alcohol measuring app.

The result? A low odour reading of 1, of course. Pocket-lint is always minty fresh.

Only in Japan eh? You couldn't imagine O2 coming up with a range of smartphone accessories such as these could you now?

Writing by Paul Lamkin.