(Pocket-lint) - Back in July, Fujitsu detailed the Windows 7-powered Loox F-07C and Pocket-lint has managed to get up close and personal with the device over in Tokyo, where it is now available.

Now, we know what you're thinking - that we've made a typo in that opening sentence, missing out the word "Phone" between "Windows" and "7". But no, we haven't. The Fujitsu Loox F-07C is a PC dressed in smartphone's clothing.

You're now probably asking yourself, "why, just why?" As were we, hence our inner-geek's desire to take a Loox for ourselves, to see just what the heck is going on.

And the answer is - not a lot, and slowly. Sure, there was Windows 7 packed in, in all of its glory. But it chugged along at a snail's pace. That, despite it packing an Intel Atom Z600 1.2GHz processor. The trouble is, because of the demands of running Windows 7, the CPU has been half-clocked, meaning you're only getting a 600MHz chip essentially.


Even then, the battery life on Windows mode is less than 2 hours. And to call the phone warm whilst we used it would be an understatement. We're sure it'd be a fire hazard if fully clocked.

The controls are awful too. Sure, it packs a 4-inch SVGA touchscreen with a 1024 x 600 resolution (297ppi) but it's hardly usable with Windows and the tracker-ball alternative is extremely fiddly. The QWERTY keyboard is nice to use, however, with rounded and spacious keys - although the spring mechanism to reveal it isn't exactly subtle.

Described as "the world's smallest PC" the F-07C has 1GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD for all your storage needs and comes pre-installed with the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium, as well as a version of Symbian for simple phone tasks.


We didn't mess around with the Symbian side though, despite waiting over 2 minutes for it to boot into that mode. It was all in Japanese and by this time we needed a break from it, our head hurt. It was also giving us arm ache as holding the bulky 125 x 61 x 198.8mm device, weighing 218g, is quite a task.

It's a Japan-only release at present and we kind of hope it stays that way. We'll stick to iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Bada, Brew and BlackBerry for now...

Writing by Paul Lamkin.