Back in July, Fujitsu detailed the Windows 7-powered Loox F-07C and Pocket-lint has managed to get up close and personal with the device over in Tokyo, where it is now available.

Now, we know what you're thinking - that we've made a typo in that opening sentence, missing out the word "Phone" between "Windows" and "7". But no, we haven't. The Fujitsu Loox F-07C is a PC dressed in smartphone's clothing.

You're now probably asking yourself, "why, just why?" As were we, hence our inner-geek's desire to take a Loox for ourselves, to see just what the heck is going on.

And the answer is - not a lot, and slowly. Sure, there was Windows 7 packed in, in all of its glory. But it chugged along at a snail's pace. That, despite it packing an Intel Atom Z600 1.2GHz processor. The trouble is, because of the demands of running Windows 7, the CPU has been half-clocked, meaning you're only getting a 600MHz chip essentially.

Pocket-lintfujitsu loox f 07c windows 7 pc smartphone hybrid pictures and hands on image 3

Even then, the battery life on Windows mode is less than 2 hours. And to call the phone warm whilst we used it would be an understatement. We're sure it'd be a fire hazard if fully clocked.

The controls are awful too. Sure, it packs a 4-inch SVGA touchscreen with a 1024 x 600 resolution (297ppi) but it's hardly usable with Windows and the tracker-ball alternative is extremely fiddly. The QWERTY keyboard is nice to use, however, with rounded and spacious keys - although the spring mechanism to reveal it isn't exactly subtle.

Described as "the world's smallest PC" the F-07C has 1GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD for all your storage needs and comes pre-installed with the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium, as well as a version of Symbian for simple phone tasks.

Pocket-lintfujitsu loox f 07c windows 7 pc smartphone hybrid pictures and hands on image 2

We didn't mess around with the Symbian side though, despite waiting over 2 minutes for it to boot into that mode. It was all in Japanese and by this time we needed a break from it, our head hurt. It was also giving us arm ache as holding the bulky 125 x 61 x 198.8mm device, weighing 218g, is quite a task.

It's a Japan-only release at present and we kind of hope it stays that way. We'll stick to iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Bada, Brew and BlackBerry for now...