We’ve already had our hands on the dual-SIM touting Viewsonic V350 smartphone back at Mobile World Congress in February, but gosh a lot’s happened since then.

Going back to the drawing board, presumably because it wasn’t happy with the first design, Viewsonic has re-designed the smartphone ahead of its launch in June.

Still sporting the same innards, the outside has undergone a complete overhaul getting a more stylised look.

viewsonic v350 dual sim phone design changed we go hands on image 12

Around the back the camera gets a bigger design look in, while the design on the whole sports a squarer look and feel. The brushed metal from the first outing is still present.

In the hand and the new finish is considerably better too. Viewsonic looks to be trying hard to up its game in the smartphone stakes, and it’s going to have to if it wants to be taken seriously against companies like Apple, Motorola and Samsung.

MWC Viewsonic V350 hands-on