Scosche has brought its latest accessory to the table - the goBAT II portable back up battery - and Pocket-lint has been giving it the once over to see if it really is worth the £70 or so that you'll have to fork out on it.

And the short answer is yes - especially if you're the type of person (like us) who constantly forgets to charge your smartphone or tablet before leaving the house.

As with most Scosche products it has Apple firmly in mind, with the device packing two USB charging ports - one with enough oomph to keep your iPad ticking over.

The goBAT II boasts a 5000mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery, which you charge up using a standard USB port and the supplied cable (it takes around 4-5 hours for a full charge from a laptop's USB port). This power is then held in the device, available to you when your gadgets are running low.

scosche gobat ii hands on image 2

It has a standard 5 Watt (1 Amp) port for your phone - a fully charged goBAT II will re-charge your iPhone from dead at least two times - and a 10 Watt (2.1 Amp) port for your iPad (or other tablet - it comes with a Galaxy Tab adapter in the box too).

Now, whilst you won't get a full charge for your iPad - it takes it up over half. Using both ports together, expect to see, from dead, an iPhone 4 reach around 90 per cent and an iPad to around 30 per cent. Not too bad at all, we're sure you'll agree.

scosche gobat ii hands on image 3

There's an LED display on the top, shining a nice neon blue, to show you how much juice the device has left and it's easily small enough for you to slip into your bag. There's even a free iOS app that works with it to give you charging stats and alerts via email.

It's definitely a handy thing to have around and, with the festival season coming up, could well prove a life saver for campers.

The Scosche goBAT II is out now, priced at £69.99. You can pick one up from Eoutlet.