We know what you’re thinking: we've got a tough job sometimes. Today it's testing out an iPhone case that's also a bottle opener, just for you dear reader.  

If, like us, you're one of those people that is always having to open your suds on a radiator, or use that trick with another bottle, then this is probably going to be the iPhone case for you. Why? Because it features a stainless steel bottle opener on the back.

In what has to be a party animal’s dream accessory for the iPhone, the Be A HeadCase.com Bottle Opener Phone Case will work with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the newer iPhone 4.

But the case - that’s been specially designed to not exert pressure on your phone inside - also comes with a free app that when you open a bottle or can, plays your favourite song or sound and displays a picture.

The company behind the case is even talking about adding a feature that will ping Facebook to show that you’ve opened another beer, they told Pocket-lint.

How does it all work? By using the device's in-built gryoscope to work out that you’ve opened a bottle.

The case is available in the US for around $19.99, while it is on sale in the UK via our friends at Firebox