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(Pocket-lint) - ZTE bought us the first device with an under-display camera in the Axon 20. It has now confirmed the next-gen device, the Axon 30, which will take this technology to a new level.

The Axon 20 was an interesting device. For a technology that's been talked about for some time, it was great to see ZTE actually committing to it, and while the under-display camera wasn't the biggest downside of that phone, it was clear that there was room to improve it.

Those improvements should come in the 2021 version, the Axon 30, which ZTE shared on Weibo, teasing the next-gen tech.

ZTE previously released some details on the changes coming to boost the setup, including moving from 90Hz to 120Hz for the entire display, while also seeing a bump in resolution, from 200ppi to 400ppi in that area that covers the camera.


This should make the camera less obvious and help it blend into the display better for a more pleasing result.

ZTE has previously released other devices in the Axon 30 family, including the Axon 30 Ultra which we've already reviewed, but the regular Axon 30 was missing.

There's no confirmed date on when we might expect it, but rumours are pointing to a 22 July event. We'd expect it to launch in China first - but it's also likely to appear in other locations.

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Writing by Chris Hall.
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