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(Pocket-lint) - Relatively unknown brand Royole was one of the first manufacturers to debut bendable/flexible screen technology, with its FlexPai foldable phone launched in January 2019.

Since then, big brands have joined the fray, including Samsung and Huawei, but that hasn't stopped Royole attempting to stay ahead of the curve (pun entirely intended).

It has unveiled its 3rd Generation Cicada Wing fully flexible display, with greatly improved brightness over the screen in the original FlexPai, plus other enhancements.

RoyoleRoyole unveils new flexible screen tech partners with ZTE for future devices image 2

The company claims that the latest FFD has 50 per cent more brightness, and improved contrast, colour gamut and response time.

It also states that the new Cicada Wing display has the "smoothest folding experience in the industry", even after 200,000 bends.

The first product to feature the tech will be a follow-up to Royole's debut foldable handset: the FlexPai 2.

It will be launched in Q2 (we're still awaiting availability details) and will sport a 7.8-inch screen size when unfolded, with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

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Royole has also partnered with Chinese manufacturer ZTE for future foldable phones and devices.

"Royole and ZTE will collaborate for innovative applications of fully flexible display technology and we look forward to supporting ZTE to create innovative foldable smartphones that fully utilise the advantages of our leading flexible solutions," said Royole's founder and CEO, Dr Bill Liu.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 25 March 2020.