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(Pocket-lint) - ZTE took the stage at the IFA 2015 Global Press Conference, currently running in Malta, with Waiman Lam, senior director of technology and partnership, ZTE, introducing a number of recent ZTE innovations and talking about future growth.

The ZTE Star 2, Blade 6 and funky SPRO 2 Android projector are cool enough, but we were more interested in ZTE's vision of the future.


Introducing ZTE's M-ICT, its connected version of the future, Lam played a video. It was full of the sort of happy scenes you'll be familiar with. People glowing in the wholesome connectedness of a digital future.

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M-ICT is ZTE's strategy designed to tackle the next 30 years of development, focusing on the connecting man-to-man, man-to-machine and machine-to-machine, both in terms of physical devices and background services.

But the thing we noted in this video was the portrayal of future devices, because they are transparent. Sure, it makes for a more engaging video because you're not looking a blank smartphone rear, instead getting an exciting futuristic vision.

It's not the first transparent display we've seen. Both Samsung and LG Display have been working on transparent displays with the vision of putting these over windows, for example, to transform a standard window into an interactive portal into the world wide web. 

Sure, it's a fancy vision of the future from ZTE, but we love this vision. If nothing else, it will mean you can see where you're going when you're checking your emails, gossiping with friends, or doing your shopping when walking down the street.

As for that unusual face scanning? Well that could be the funky retina unlocking we already saw at MWC 2015.

Writing by Chris Hall.