Modular phones are gaining more popularity in the conceptual world with ZTE as the latest company to show off its glimpse of the upgradeable smartphone future: Eco-Mobius.

The ZTE Eco-Mobius has been unveiled at CES showing a future smartphone with removable parts for simple upgrades. The camera, RAM, ROM, and even GPU can all be easily upgraded. Each part slots into the handset and can be replaced when a new version is released.

Imagine being able to swap out camera lenses at the very core level to have the perfect camera for any given situation. Or upgrade your GPU when a new game is released - allowing developers to move beyond hardware constraints faster as devices can be upgraded for less, more often.

At the moment the ZTE Eco-Mobius is still a design concept, but what a great one it is. With phone contracts offering faster upgrade options now it's clear the market is moving fast and everyone wants to be up to date. ZTE may have nailed how we can do that without having to shell out for a new phone every time.

zte eco mobius modular smartphone shows mobile future at ces 2014 image 2