Mozilla's open-source Firefox OS launched on Monday, with the release of two new devices powered by the HTML 5 mobile operating system.

Called the ZTE Open and the Alcatel One Touch Fire, the handsets will cater to people seeking alternatives to budget Androids, Asha and Windows Phone handsets. Firefox OS-powered smartphones will hit Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Asia when Huawei and LG release their devices.

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Telefónica tweeted on Monday that the ZTE Open would go on sale in Spain at Movistar stores on Tuesday for €69 (£59). That price includes €30 of balance for prepaid customers and a 4GB microSD card. Talk about cheap. Mozilla revealed on its blog that Deutsche Telekom would also release the ZTE Open soon.

As for the Alcatel One Touch Fire, both Deutsche Telekom and Telekom will launch the device soon. Mozilla said individual partners would eventually announce specifics for launches in each market.