Chinese manufacturer ZTE says plans to be the first to bring Tegra 4-touting "super phones" to market, expecting to release them in China before the mid-year point.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Nvidia, the new range of devices will adopt the new Tegra 4 mobile processor, boasting specifications such as 72 custom Nvidia GeForce graphics processing cores and quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU.

An optional extra chipset - the Nvidia i500 processor - will also add 4G LTE voice and data support. The companies plan a 4G handset to make full use of that later in the year.

"This is a clear demonstration of ZTE’s ability to quickly develop, and bring to market, market-leading devices running the industry’s latest technologies," said He Shiyou, ZTE executive vice-president and head of the terminal division. ZTE wants to beat rivals to the punch, with others also racing to release handsets in the super phone category featuring Qualcomm's rival Snapdragon 800 processor announced at CES in January.

"ZTE's newest super phones will show off Tegra 4's processing power, efficiency and unprecedented capabilities,” said Phil Carmack, senior vice-president of mobile business at Nvidia.

Expect to see more on the new handsets as summer starts.

Pic: (cc) rsepulveda