ZTE will launch a smartphone in Europe in 2013 based on the Mozilla platform.

Cheng Lixin, CEO of ZTE US, confirmed the plans in an interview at CES 2013, Bloomberg reports. Cheng went on to say that a US launch might also be considered. "We closely monitor the ecosystem and how it evolves," he said.

"If that is ready and if consumer studies support that data, then we may launch one in US also this year."

Mozilla is best known for the Firefox browser and its plans to launch its own mobile platform have been rolling along for several years, but is still seeking a route to market. 

For ZTE however, the challenge is now to get the partnerships in place to marry its hardware with Mozilla's software.

Although Cheng didn't specify a carrier, Telefonica has been developing a Mozilla-based system so could be a potential partner to bring the Firefox phone to Europe.

Back in 2012, Telefonica O2 expressed support for Firefox OS, saying: "We can produce the same experience on Android cheaper, or a better experience, at the same price."

We will keep you posted.