When Pocket-lint first got its paws on the ZTE Skate back in March, we guessed that it might come to the UK as the Orange Scunthorpe once the network had re-skinned the Gingerbread handset.

Well, we were almost right. Just 1,038 miles and a trip on the ferry out to be exact - as the ZTE Skate is, in fact, the Orange Monte Carlo; which has just got a coming soon page on the network's online shop to show off its goodies.

The Orange Monte Carlo is the exact phone that we saw back in March, bar the Monte Carlo and Orange branding where the ZTE logo once stood - so that means a 4.3-inch, Android 2.3 handset with a 5-megapixel camera, HD Voice capabilities and HSDPA, 3G+ and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Orange Monte Carlo is coming to Orange PAYG - you can sign up for email updates now. We think it's a cracking little phone that will be a huge seller.

Android 2.3 on a budget? Yes please.