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(Pocket-lint) - Xiaomi's no stranger to exotic chargers for its phones - it's already pushed the limits by making 65W chargers available to purchase at a time when Apple's only just stepped up to bundle an 18W charger with the iPhone 11 Pro. It's also made a 100W charger as a proof of concept. 

That means its chargers offer extremely high charging speeds compared to the competition, and a new video leak suggests that it might be about to push the principle even further, with a 120W charger. 

That's enough power that, provided the phone in question was compatible with it, you could be looking at fully charging a phone in dozens of minutes rather than hours. 

The video from Sparrow News looks to be from a workshop of some sort and shows a prototype charger wrapped in safety labels - about the size of a MacBook charger, rather than the smaller sizes we're used to in phone chargers. 

The video's super short, as you'll see above, but certainly looks like a retail charger. However, given that Xiaomi's 100W charger still isn't available for normal customers to pick up, there are some question marks over whether this will actually make it to retail any time soon.

For one thing, most consumers might not be keen to accept the extra cost of the charger for faster speeds, especially if they, like many, charge their phone overnight anyway. 

Regardless, progress has to start somewhere, so this is another positive step toward a day where charging is hardly a concern at all for smartphone users. 

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 11 June 2020.