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(Pocket-lint) - Now here's an interesting one. The Redmi K30, which is made by Xiaomi, has already launched in China, complete with a 120Hz panel. That's great for super-smooth frame-rates in applications and games.

Thing is, Xiaomi's Vice President, Lu Weibing, posted a video on Chinese social site Weibo showing-off a K30 5G running at 144Hz using a mod. Is this a sign of things to come?


It would appear that the panels used are more capable at non-stable rates than purported. This could well be a nod to a future gaming phone - after all, Black Shark and Xiaomi are strongly affiliated - as the 144Hz ratio is sought after on gaming laptops. Whether a phone will be able to provide sustained frame-rates or even the developers able to deliver is another matter, of course.

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The other theory was this could all be a precursor to where the Xiaomi Mi 10, the company's top flagship, will head. However, we suspect not: rumour has it that this device will utilise a 90Hz OLED panel, delivering not only smooth frame-rates but also that inky richness that OLED is so good at. That OLED road ought to be mirrored by the K30 Pro model, too, so we don't think this is a tease of what to expect there.

Which leaves us rather excited yet flummoxed at the same time. There's some cool screen tech coming, people, but perhaps not this year - unless there's a greater tease at Mobile World Congress 2020.

Writing by Mike Lowe.