Xiaomi has launched a sequel to the Mi Mix. It's called Mi Mix 2.

The original Mi Mix earned rave reviews for its slim bezels and game-changing design, which, unlike most smartphones, offered a different location for the earpiece and the front-facing camera. But the new Mi Mix 2 has switched up a few things. For one, it's smaller, with a 5.99-inch screen. Xiaomi also changed the aspect ratio from 17:9 to 18:9, something also found on flagship devices from LG and Samsung.

It offers a 2160x1080 LCD display with round screen corners and rounder sides, the latter of which also makes the phone differ from the original Mi Mix, which had very straight sides. The first Mi Mix also had limited cellular compatibility (mostly available in China), but Xiami said the Mi Mix 2 is a "truly global smartphone". At launch, it has 43 network bands and can be used "almost anywhere".

Elsewhere, the original Mi Mix had a "piezoelectric speaker" instead of a normal earpiece speaker, but now, that's been replaced by a thin earpiece in the top bezel. The front-facing camera is still at the bottom of the phone, rather than the top, so you'll have to flip the phone around to take a selfie. All in all, the Mi Mix 2 is a high-end device that runs the latest Snapdragon 835 processor.

You can get it with 6GB or 8GB of RAM and 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of storage. It also features a 3,400mAh battery, a USB-C port, no headphone jack, and Android Nougat with MIUI 9 (Xiaomi's skin). It has a ceramic back with an aluminium frame, though you can buy a "Special Edition" version that ditches that aluminium frame for a "ceramic unibody".

The standard version of the Mi Mix 2 starts at RMB 3,299 (converts to $506/£384), while the "Special Edition" version costs RMB 4,699 (converts to $720/£546). The Mi Mix 2 is launching in China first, on 15 September, and will make its way to selected markets at a later date.