With so much attention being given to the screens of the Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 and LG G6, you'd be forgiven for forgetting that Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi was actually one of the first to produce a bezel-less phone in the Mi Mix.

The Mi Mix launched with a screen to body ratio of 91.3 per cent, eclipsing 83 per cent ratio of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 80 per cent of the LG G6. Until the iPhone 8 launches, we don't know what its official screen to body ratio will be.

Now, Xiaomi could go even better with the launch of the Mi Mix 2, as it's widely believed the company has managed to develop a phone with a 100 per cent screen to body ratio, meaning not a single bezel in sight. In practice, it will probably have a 98 or 99 per cent ratio.

In order to achieve such a high screen-to-body ratio, Xiaomi may need to ditch the front-facing camera. With the original Mi Mix, the company moved the camera to the bottom bezel, but if that were to go on the new model, there wouldn't be anywhere for the camera to go.

It's possible that Xiaomi has developed a way of integrating a camera lens into the screen, although given the level of difficulty, we wouldn't be surprised if the camera was removed entirely.

Besides the all-screen front, the Mi Mix 2 is expected to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GM of RAM, 19-megapixel camera on the back and a 4,999mAh battery. The screen is going to need some serious power after all.

The Mi Mix 2 should be unveiled at IFA next month, alongside an estimated asking price of 4,999 RMB/$750. Whether or not the Mi Mix 2 gets an international release remains to be seen.