RIM's BlackBerry Storm 2, the follow up to its first ever touchscreen handset the Storm that launched in 2008, appears to be due an imminent UK release with the Carphone Warehouse now promoting the device in store.

Following the news that a promo poster for the device appeared in the window of a Carphone Warehouse store in Cornwall, yet another posted has now revealed a little bit more information - a rough idea of pricing.

From the promotional material in the shop window - this time round in Walton on Thames - it seems the smartphone will be available on Vodafone contracts from £30 a month, perhaps a little less than might have been expected.

Specs for the new handset are rumoured to include a 3.2-megapixel camera, HSDPA, OS version 5.0 and a completely revamped 360 × 480 resolution capacitive touchscreen without the original Storm screen's clicky functionality.