To try and tempt developers to innovate for another mobile platform, Vodafone has announced it is to offer a 100,000 euro prize find to find the best mobile widgets for its new 360 platform.

Like similar offerings from rival platforms, the two-phased competition to find the most innovative and useful mobile widgets, will give developers the chance to win up to 100,000 euros in prize money.

The Vodafone Appstar comp invites developers to submit widgets compatible with the new Vodafone 360 mobiles to be judged on user experience, innovation and value to the customer.

Vodafone says widgets or apps can range from "those capable of giving you the latest news on your phone's home screen to location-aware travel tools".

Software developers can write applications based on the latest Joint Innovation Lab (JIL) SDK that can be found at, where there's also how tos, demo vids and more.