Europe Region CEO Michel Combes has informed a packed press conference at the launch of Vodafone 360 that the Vodafone building API will be available to third parties on an open platform for developer support for future apps.

Developers, from day 1, will be able to develop one application and distribute it throughout the Vodafone world, boasting that JIL partnership gives access to 1.1billion customers worldwide.

This new Vodafone 360 service "Allows people to use their mobile in new ways", said Michel Combes, whilst providing a platform for developers and businesses.

Location APIs for location-based services, will be avialable, as will support for pre- and post-pay microbillng, with examples given of a Deutsche Post app allowing you buy a to digital stamp, or a subscription to the El Pais newspaper in Spain.

A screening process will be in place to avoid offensive material, so Vodafone will have complete control over which applications make it, based on their T&C, of course.

Vodafone are boasting 1000 applications at launch.