Not to be outdone by all the Nokia and IFA launches, Vodafone has announced new additions to its own brand phone line. Revealing that so far over 20 million Vodafone handsets have been shipped, the new range includes a cheap Vodafone camera phone and a low cost touchscreen device.

New to the Vodafone 533 "Catwalk Collection", a fashion range, is the "Red", that is unsurprisingly, rouge-tinted, the "Lady", named with no apparent irony, described as a "stunning handset depicting an artist's impression of girls about town" and the "Crystal", a collaboration with Crystallized, plastered with - you guessed it - Swarovski gems.

The Vodafone 541 Touch is Vodafone's first ever entry level touchscreen phone with a 2.4-inch display and is aimed at the youth market across the world while the Vodafone 840 Touch gets a larger screen, 3G connectivity and better specs.

The Vodafone 340 is said to be the most affordable camera phone in the range, while the Vodafone 540 is an "all-round" multimedia device in candy bar style. Finally, the Vodafone 1240 is a QWERTY candy bar with Visto push email, angled as an entry level business device.