Vodafone has announced that it is to offer the UK's fastest mobile broadband speeds up of to 14.1Mbps in certain areas of the country.

The operator says sites with the greatest demand are due to be upgraded first with the 14.4Mbps capability.

These include busy areas of London, Birmingham and Liverpool that have already seen the upgrade with the roll out will due to continue across the UK on an ongoing basis.

Over 80% of all Vodafone datacards, dongles and 3G handsets can work with the improved network speeds, although some older devices may not be capable of taking full advantage of the increase.

However, it's highly unlikely anyone will actually experience the full 14.4Mbps theoretical speeds.

Vodafone says customers can expect to see typical speeds of anything between 1 and 4 Mbps with a practical maximum speed of 10.8Mbps.