Vodafone has released the first set of results from its Google Maps/Twitter mashup that allows Brits to post where they're going on holiday this summer. According to #ukhols map, New York, Vancouver and Paris are currently the favourite holiday destinations for British tweeters.

16% of Brits are "staycationing" this summer with those from Birmingham most likely to stay in the UK (20%), while only 4% of Londoners aren't going abroad. The top ten holiday destinations according to Vodafone’s #ukhols map are New York, Vancouver, Paris, London, St. Ives, Barcelona, Seoul, Cyprus, Crete and Istanbul.

Tweeters are still invited to join in by tweeting the hashtag #ukhols, age, gender, the first half of their postcode and where they are going this year. For example: #ukhols 25 F B12 Gran Canaria. Vodafone customers can text to update the #ukhols map on the shortcode 86444. Everyone can tweet from any medium they choose.