Following the news that the operator has abolished roaming charges for Vodafone "Passport" customers, Vodafone has laid out its mobile internet roaming charges for the summer, claiming much better clarity.

Both business and consumer customers travelling across Europe will be able to access the Internet from their mobile phone for £4.99 per day for up to 25MB of data.

Vodafone says that for those that sign up to the plan, if they use less than 1MB of data, they will only be charged at a per kb rate rather than the full fiver, suggesting that reading and replying to a short email would cost 50p.

Customers with USB modems wanting to use their laptops in Europe will receive 50MB for £9.99.

Outside Europe, customers will be charged £14.99 for each 25MB when accessing the Internet via their mobile and £29.99 for 50MB through a laptop.

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