Vodafone has announced that it is abolishing roaming charges for calls made from abroad for its pay as you go and its Anytime or Your Plan customers, albeit only for the summer.

From 1 June, pay as you go and pay monthly customers can talk, text and send picture messages from 35 countries across Europe for the same price as they do on their UK home tariff, although the deal will end in August.

Existing Vodafone Passport customers, who currently pay 75p per connection before transferring to their standard tariff in Euroland automatically benefit from the 3-month promotion.

In addition, from 15 May, Vodafone pay as you go customers on the Simply tariff, will find that calls they make from the UK to friends and family overseas will be at reduced rates.

Vodafone UK business customers on Anytime or Your Plan price plans will also benefit from the same 3 month Vodafone Passport promotion from 1 June.

Customers on these plans and already on Vodafone Passport will automatically qualify for the promotion the company has confirmed.

The company has yet to confirm whether or not they will be extending the offer once the summer holidays are over.