It seems Vodafone's first Android phone, the HTC Magic is actually going to be early to the party, despite its delay "due to a last minute hardware change".

Originally due to launch mid-April, the touchscreen handset saw a delay to the 5 May, but news just in has revealed another launch date for your diaries of 1May.

It seems Vodafone were covering themselves with the 5th, and as shipments appear have gone to plan, the new Google phone will be in shops from this coming Friday.

Those who have pre-ordered the device (saving a fiver a month, too, we might add) will be getting their handset in the "next few days" a Vodafone spokesperson told Pocket-lint.

Since the HTC Magic has been announced, Samsung has unveiled its first Android phone, the decently-specced I7500, that's due to launch in June.