The second Android-based handset to be announced for launch in the UK, the HTC Magic, has been delayed, according to reports, HTC - and Vodafone's own phone sales line.

The HTC Magic, the successor to the HTC G1 that launched on T-Mobile, the world's first Android phone, was due to launch in April, but it seems delays have pushed this back to May.

Although Vodafone's preorder page on its website for the Magic still shows a due date of April, a call to Vodafone's sales line revealed the handset's availability to be showing as 1 May, according to the sales advisor.

HTC has acknowledged the delay with a brief statement to Pocket-lint that the company would not elaborate on:

"We are delighted with the interest that the HTC Magic has received since its launch with Vodafone at Mobile World Congress 2009. We are confident that Vodafone’s customers will be delighted with the HTC Magic in spite of a short delay due to a last minute hardware change".

Vodafone says only that: "The UK launch date for the HTC Magic has not yet been confirmed".