Rumours that see Vodafone getting the exclusive deal to offer the Palm Pre in the UK have been rubbished by the UK-based operator.

Echoing the great who'll-offer-the-iPhone-in-the-UK mystery of 2007, rumours have emerged over the weekend suggesting that Vodafone will bag the Pre for the UK market.

Citing "various leaks from Vodafone officials" blog MobileTopSoft suggest that the exclusive "will let Vodafone get back at O2" for the loss of the iPhone.

However, a Vodafone spokesperson has informed Pocket-lint that this is not a done and dusted deal: "Vodafone has no plans to range the Palm Pre at the moment".

Palm has promised more information about the Pre to be revealed at the Mobile World Congress event mid-February. Pocket-lint will be attending and will bring you the official news then.