For our Credit Crunch Christmas suggestion today we have a fantastic mobile broadband offer from Vodafone.

The "TopUP and Go" modem gives you 1GB of data, costs £39 and comes with £15 worth of credit. And if you want to store files for use on the go, the modem also doubles as a 4GB USB memory stick.

Usually with these offers the 1GB of downloads expires when the month is out, but not with this service. Once you have paid for your top up it will not expire, allowing you to use it whenever and however you like.

Vodafone says 1GB of data will provide you with roughly 30 hours of surfing, enable you to download around 65 music tracks or send around 650 e-mails.

Average speeds you can expect will be from 1-2Mbps although the stick is capable of 3.6Mbps.

So as a gift for someone who has not yet taken the mobile broadband plunge, but you know they'd find it useful (or an early Christmas present to yourself) this offer from Vodafone is one that's worth considering.

The service is available from Vodafone stores and online by purchasing a top up voucher. Follow the link below to the Vodafone online shop and come back tomorrow for another seasonal bargain.