The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld three complaints made about a recent ad campaign by Vodafone.

The complaints related to ads promoting the company's mobile broadband service.

In particular, they included the boast: "The fastest, most reliable mobile broadband in the galaxy. Only £15 a month".

T-Mobile and 3 complained along with a member of the public and all stated that Vodafone had no right to be claiming to be the fastest mobile broadband operator.

The ASA enlisted the help of LCC International to find out whether Vodafone's claims had any substance and actually found that competitors' services were faster for downloading a page in six out of ten regions.

But Vodafone is doing its best to clear its name.

In a statement released following the ruling, it hinted that the ASA had taken issue with how much information it had provided viewers with as opposed to the speeds that it had published.

"The ASA has today published its adjudication on Vodafone UK’s mobile broadband advertising. The ruling does not question the factual validity of Vodafone’s 'fastest and most reliable' mobile broadband advertising claim, which is based on a study commissioned from LCC, the world’s largest independent wireless engineering company, nor does it challenge the validity of the LCC results."

"The LCC study involved independent mobile broadband testing across the UK, between March and May 2008. However, the ASA is recommending, that these claims are supported with further qualification to enable readers to understand the basis of the claims. Vodafone UK has agreed do this."