So this has got to be one for graphic designers, or in fact, anyone who has an obsession with being different.

US developer Monotype Imaging has teamed up with Vodafone UK to launch FlipFont.

This tool allows you to personalise the mobile user interface on select mobile handsets by downloading mobile-optimised fonts to replace the factory-installed, default font.

The solution includes 10 scalable fonts which are compatible with the Nokia N73, N95 and N95 8GB handsets.

Typeface designs range from the ITC Stylus font, with its hand-lettered feel, to the attention-grabbing Musclehead design, and prices start at £1.99 for a single font.

Additional fonts are expected to be added in the future.

"Ever since mobile became mass market, consumers have enjoyed personalising their phones", said Mike Eaton, head of mobile content at Vodafone UK.

"From clip-on phone covers in the early days to ringtones and wallpapers more recently, customers have always appreciated innovation to have a truly unique mobile experience, and FlipFont brings just that."