Vodafone has announced the launch of its "Text Unlimited" price plan for pay as you talk customers.

From 1 September, PAYTers will get more value from their top-ups, even when topping up as little as £5. However, as you'd expect the more you top up, the more you get rewarded.

Text Unlimited is free to opt-in for both new and existing PAYT customers, and will see unlimited text bundles being given away with details dependent on the previous month's top-up.

There are three tiers to the plan and the more a customer tops up the more they will gain. So for example, if you top up £5 during the month, you'll receive unlimited texts weekday evenings in the following month. Top up by £10 and receive unlimited evening and weekend texts the following month. And if you top up £30 or more, you'll receive unlimited texts to use at any time the following month.

Text Unlimited is the first PAYT offer to be brought out by Vodafone in 2 years, and also the first plan in the UK mobile market to give rewards to customers who top up as little as £5 a month.

Alongside the launch of Text Unlimited, Vodafone is also simplifying its PAYT price plan and introducing Vodafone Simply, making a new 20p flat rate for standard calls, and reducing the cost of a peak rate call from 30p to 20p.

Any Vodafone PAYTers that want to opt in on the new plan, just call 2345 from your phone for free to activate.