With the bank holiday coming up, Vodafone is predicting that many of us will not be talking to our loved ones by Tuesday, simply because of in-car squabbles over directions.

According to the telecom company's own research, 61% of us admit to arguing because of ending up at the wrong destination or over which route to take.

But, it has ended in tears for more than three-quarters of couples, who have actually stopped talking thanks to in-car rows.

The research also dispelled some masculine motoring myths.

Apparently, for one, men will ask for directions when lost but will wait, on average, for 10 minutes and 43 seconds before succumbing to having to ask a passer-by.

Surprisingly - and blowing out gender stereotypes - the average for women is 12 minutes and 36 seconds.

But Vodafone has a solution (of course).

Its Find&Go service gives you your exact location using your mobile phone "without the need to wait for their phone to pick up the satellite signal".

And Find & Go will also suggest route alternatives based on traffic conditions and estimated times of arrival.

The service is designed for both in-car and pedestrian navigation and features 3D maps and directions including spoken instructions announcing street names.

It also references millions of points-of-interest such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centres and attractions.