Vodafone has launched "Vodafone Music", described as a new, simple way to allow customers to discover and buy music anytime and anyplace.

With Vodafone Music, customers can preview songs, download the tracks straight to their mobile and immediately play them through the music player on their phone.

Already included on selected Vodafone live! handsets, and available to download via Vodafone live! on others, it is fully integrated with the Vodafone live! Music Shop, powered by RealNetworks.

With a "Smart" search option that means users do not need to enter the full track, artist or album name, tracks previously purchased on another handset can be transferred to a new one.

Singles and albums cost on average £0.99 and £7.99 respectively. Vodafone Music is currently available on 11 handsets: Sony Ericsson: W910, W890 ,W880, W850, V640, V630, K850, K800, K770, K610 and Nokia: N73.