Vodafone is offering a £10 a month discount on their £35 and £40 mobile contracts when customers change up for an 18 month contract, and as companies are wont to do, have carried out some light-hearted research to support the news.

The telecoms company has looked at how a tenner can be all it takes to change your life. According to the Vodafone research, 52% of Brits say that on at least one occasion £10 made a real difference to them.

The research among 1500 people shows that the most popular way to spend a tenner is to buy lottery tickets. Also among the top ten life changing purchases are pregnancy testing kits, drinks for a future wife, mobile phone top ups, and inspiring books.

Top ten popular ways to spend a life changing tenner, according to Vodafone's research:

1. Lottery ticket or scratch card
2. Bet on a horse
3. Life changing book
4. Pregnancy testing kit
5. Mobile top up
6. Buying a drink for their (unbeknown to them) future wife
7. Buying flowers for their wife/wife to be
8. A bargain find at a car boot sale or antique fair
9. First driving lesson
10. Making a donation to a animal shelter when they bought their first pet

The offer runs until the end of April.