Already available in the "enterprise" market, Vodafone and Telmap are introducing Vodafone Sat Nav - an operator branded mobile navigation solution - to the UK consumer market.

Vodafone Sat Nav offers "a complete mobile navigation experience", including both in-car and pedestrian navigation.

Featuring up-to-date, 3D maps and directions, it also provides instant access to live traffic alerts and millions of points-of-interest such as hotels, restaurants, shopping and attractions.

Vodafone Sat Nav is launching initially on three of Vodafone UK's GPS embedded handsets - the Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB and Nokia 6110 as well as the new BlackBerry Pearl 8110.

The subscription to the service costs £5 per month (plus data charges) with the first month free. Customers who purchase the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 will get 12 months satnav included.